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Off the Record with The Sporting Chef and Michelle

Apr 27, 2021

Cut through snooty wine talk! (And the banter between Elizabeth, Scott and Michelle BEFORE the recording is almost better than when they decided to be "official.") 

Guest Elizabeth Schneider, creator of Wine for Normal People (podcast, book and website of the same name) joins Scott & Michelle. Elizabeth talks about how she got her start into the wine business – which was kind of a rocky start. Of course, the three of them get into the debate of what price level signifies a “good” bottle of wine. (No one agrees with Michelle – still) Plus, a lot of talk about how wine is an agricultural product and Elizabeth dives into the neo-temperance movement. Scott quizzes Elizabeth on wine pairings for a variety of foods. Oh – and don’t do the “Tour de Franzia.”

Elizabeth’s many wine recommends made during the show:

Guru – the $14 bottle of wine that tastes like a $50 bottle.

Spain and Italy are great places to find a good bottle for a great value.

Scott thew Michelle under the bus about Merlot, so now her assignment is to find a bottle from Cotes de Bordeaux region, Castillon region or Saint Emilien region

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