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Off the Record with The Sporting Chef and Michelle

Sep 9, 2022

Chef Scott Leysath is getting kicked to the curb, a new and improved Sporting Chef is on the deck with Stacy Lyn Harris debuting Sept 19 on Outdoor Channel. And what is Southern cuisine, anyway? Also, we discuss Alaska's Talon Lodge, that time Michelle caught a King Salmon during spawning... the path of...

Jul 22, 2022

What’s up with Dead Meat and Ranch America, food snobs, wine snobs, Giardia three-way, off-limits critters, eating skunk and going deep in a cow’s rear end.

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May 24, 2022

Folks, Michelle and Scott have returned. They discuss season 2 of "The Fishmonger," new series "Ranch America," high cost of travel, being on TV, Horses vs. ATVs, Michelle tells a sad story, surf scoters, the Salton Sea freakshow, New host of the Sporting Chef, Big Cedar Lodge, Tunaville Market,,...

Jan 15, 2022

An episode loaded with fascinating & funny stories from hunting & fishing trips near & far as Camp Chef's Brooks Hanson spills the beans on Scott Leysath. Also, they talk about a huge influencer in the food network world, but we can't say his name.

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Dec 8, 2021

Corey Meyer and Charlie Pehrson could not find the gun safe they wanted, so they built it. The beauty of Steelhead Outdoors safes is their modular components. If you move, you can take it with you. Use code MELISSA to save money. Two people, two wrenches, two hours and you have a safe that you can take down and move...